2016 12" Macbook VS 2015 12" Macbook - Speed Test & Comparison

April 22, 2016

12" Macbook 2015 VS 12" Macbook 2016

The new 2016 12" Retina Macbook is here. How well does it hold up? A £350 difference between these two machines. You can pick up the last generation from the Apple refurbished store for £750 VS the new 2016 model for £1049. See the above comparison video which will highlight the differences in speed - various speed test comparisons have been undertaken (bootup, blackmagic, imovie exporting, pixelmator). 

In a nutshell: the 2016 model isn't worth the price tag of £1049. The £750, previous gen model is now fairly priced and offers similar speeds. Obviously if your going to be intense stuff the newer machines will offer a slight* advantage - but then again, shouldn't you be looking a Macbook Pro (for cheaper and superior performance?).

*note: italic

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