Ryanair in 2020 - Baggage Policy Experience

Ryanair in 2020 - Baggage Policy Experience

January 12, 2020

Welcome to the new decade, 2020! What a way to start this new era by flying with Ryanair #sarcasm

I recently took the following flights:

Glasgow - Dublin
Dublin - Frankfurt
Frankfurt - Dublin
Dublin - Glasgow

ryanair baggage 2020 size restrictions ryan air priority dimensions weight allowance

I opted for the ‘priority’ boarding option which means that you are entitled to two bags onboard plus additional services.

ryanair in 2020 baggage allowance weight restriction january


In addition to this, I had the AyeGear J25 jacket to maximise my travel allowance.

So, how did it go?

Actually, pretty well. I was amazed to see that I did not witness or be personally objected to any checks at boarding, on the plane or otherwise. I was well over the 10kg bag limit on my carry on, the laptop bag dimensions were a good 18cm above the stated dimensions and well my jacket was packed to the rim with items. The only reason I took the cabin bag suitcase was due to carrying shortbread tins (a lot of them) for various customers I was visiting so you can imagine the weight of about 12 of them in the suitcase below.

ryanair baggage 2020 size restrictions ryan air priority dimensions weight allowance

So, if you’re about to take a flight with Ryanair and are measuring your bags, do not worry at all as in my experience nothing was being weighed or sized. I happened to spend a lot of time at Dublin airport at the Ryanair boarding area (gates 100+) and I didn’t witness any bag checks at any of the boarding stations.

ryanair baggage 2020 size restrictions ryan air priority dimensions weight allowance

In addition to this, I was extremely happy with the hooded jacket as all four of the Ryanair flights required me to board the good old traditional way and due to heavy rain in Dublin and Frankfurt meant I was dry by the time I boarded the flight.

For sure, my next flight on Ryanair will be a standard non-priority ticket.

Additional note:

This entire ticket was purchased from Kiwi.com whom didn't allow me to purchase the priority ticket at the time of booking or at a later stage so 12 hours before my flight I phoned Kiwi and they put a manual request in to Ryanair from their end and I was given a payment link to pay the £60 in total for the priority ticket. Not the best of experience and I won't be going down the route of Kiwi again based on their customer service.

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