Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our products, so we thought we would list all of the frequently asked questions below; of course if you can't find what your looking for just click here to get in touch. Please click on the corresponding tab below to navigate your way through the FAQ section.


  • How did you get your brand name?

    ‘Aye’ is a popular Scottish phrase - it means 'yes'. As we’re a Scottish based start-up, it was only fair we reflected our brand at root level.

    Where can I purchase AyeGear clothing from?

    Directly from our website or from Amazon (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.it, Amazon.de or Amazon.fr).

    You made the perfect gear for shoplifters.

    Whilst this is not really a question, we get this statement thrown around a fair bit. It's getting a little boring so we look forward in seeing what you can come up with :)

    What payment methods do you accept?

    All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept payments through Paypal.

    What countries do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide. All orders are fulfilled from the United Kingdom. All USA orders are fulfilled from our distribution centre in the United States.

    What are the benefits of using AyeGear?

    What if I order the wrong size?

    Do not worry about sizing, we have an extremely relaxed returns policy. You can easily send it back for an exchange, credit note or refund (this has never happened but hey!). Some customers tend to order two sizes and simply return the unwanted size for a refund - this is perfectly fine to do so.  

    Will you accept traditional payment methods i.e. bank transfer, cheques etc?

    Yes - we will assist you in paying through BACS or cheque. Simply email us through the contact us form or call us on 0844 414 8315 and we will advise you accordingly. 


    Is the delivery method which you use secure?

    For sure. We ship all our orders out via registered and tracked mail to ensure you can track your package. We have sourced the highest grade quality mailing bags which are weather, burst and puncture resistant - ensuring that the garment is delivered safely without causing any damage to the contents within the package.

    Once your item is dispatched, we will notify you of your unique tracking number.

    Are there any custom charges to pay?

    You may wish to consult with your local shipping authority to see what charges will be applicable. We will not be held responsible for any charges that you incur.

    What is your returns policy?

    We are like yourself. We order goods all the time through the internet. We can't stand companies who don't offer a returns policy either (or a very limited returns policy i.e. 7 days). We're confident in that if your not happy with any aspect of AyeGear, we aim to offer a no quibble money back guarantee - 30 days from the date your order arrives.

    You can return your item(s) for exchanges / refunds / credit note simply by using our automated returns system.

    Are you hiring?

    We’re always on the lookout for talented people. If you walk, talk and sleep creativity - you need to get in-touch. E-mail us at info@ayegear.com (being passionate about pockets is mandatory).

    I've damaged my AyeGear garment!

    We don't carry any repairs in-house. We recommend you approach your local alterations workshop to get your garment fixed, whether it be stitching or a zipper issue.

    Who can I contact about press/media inquiries?

    Kindly visit our press page or feel free to write directly to us at press@ayegear.com

  • How many pockets does the J25 have?


    How many colours does the J25 come in?

    One, Navy

    Can I fit my tablet in the J25 Jacket?

    Yes, the pocket can fit all sized tablets and even laptops up to 11” (Macbook Air 11”)

    Will my phone fit the touch sensitive pockets?

    Yes, we’ve listened to you :). We’ve made the touch pockets bigger to accommodate bigger sized smartphones such as the new iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note, Blackberry Passport and similar 'Phablet' sized handsets.

    Is the J25 waterproof?

    Yes, not only is the fabric waterproof but even the zippers and zip line are to ensure water doesn’t make its way through inside. Tech specs: 8000mm.

    Is the J25 breathable?

    Yes, its breathable - everything from the touch pockets to the jacket itself. Tech specs 800.

    Can I remove the sleeves and turn it into a Vest?

    Yes indeed. This is one of the main features on the J25. You can easily remove the sleeves via the hidden zippers.

    Does this have a hood for rain / snow protection?

    Yes - a secret hood is built into the collar area which you can unzip easily.

    What fabric is used for the J25 Jacket?

    Ottoman Fabric is used - mixture of 70% Cotton and 30% Nylon. Nylon yarn is specially imported from Korea.  Fabric is tested and approved by REACH Standard 151, EU (1907/2006). The fabric has been screened in accordance with 151 substances in the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

    How many sizes does the J25 Jacket come in?

    Eight sizes - Small to XXXXXL

  • How many pockets in total are there?

    26 pockets in all sizes.

    What material is the V26 made from?

    Diamond Membrane - 2-layer fabric. 67% cotton, 33% nylon.

    What’s special about this fabric?

    The number of pockets isn't the only unique feature of this travel vest. We went to extreme measures to source this particular kind of fabric from Korea to provide the wearer with ultimate in performance. In doing so, the travel vest is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

    How does the V26 differ from its predecessor?

    The V26 is everything the V23 was, plus:

    Reinforced pockets with 2 layer fabric for durability

    Breathable fabric allowing you to travel comfortably in both cold and hot climates



    Bigger touch pockets for smartphones (phablet sized devices)

    The addition of three new pockets

    What can I insert in the Vest?

    Possibilities are endless. Our motto is simple - take everything, everywhere. Everything from keys, passports, documents to dvd/blu-ray films, pair of jeans, newspaper, travel essentials, travel pillow, laptops, iPods to iPhones and iPads. No need to carry endless bags on your shoulder.

    Do you have an AyeGear garment? If so, let us know what your carrying in your jacket and how its getting on. Tweet us, post on our Facebook wall and/or send in your YouTube clip.

    How does one look once the garment is loaded?

    How big is the iPad / Macbook pocket?

    This pocket is the 2nd largest pocket on the Vest. There are two of these pockets on either (inner) side - meaning you can carry both a Macbook 12” PLUS an iPad.

    The pocket measurements are:Width: 25cm (10") 

    Height: 31cm (12")

    Is this travel vest machine washable?

    Yes. You should set your washing machine to wash at 30° or 40°. You should ideally wash with same colours or wash separately. DO NOT tumble dry. For further information, see the wash care label on the garment.

  • How many pockets are there in the H13?

    13 Pockets in total - 5 inside, 2 on sleeve area, 6 on the front with pockets within pockets :)

    How many colours do they come in?

    4 in total - Tawny Port (Purple), Red Pepper, Black and Blue

    What sizes does the H13 come in?

    S, M, L, XL, XXL (chest 44", 46", 48", 50", 52")

    What are the differences between the H13 and your previous H12?

    More pockets

    iPad pocket now included

    Credit / Debit card pocket is now included

    Smartphone / MP3 pocket has been relocated and resized to accommodate larger devices

    Smartphone / MP3 pocket fabric has been changed to a soft touch fabric

    Overall garment fabric has been changed to a premium cotton, softer touch feel

    Better zippers (we’ve listened to our customers), using SBS zips as used by high end retailers

    Better stitching

    What fabric is the H13 made up of?

    We are using a premium soft touch cotton fabric alongside top quality zippers and double stitching mechanism. No compromise has been made on the quality of the garment. Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester (320 - 326 grams).

    Is there a pocket for an iPad?

    Yes there is - located on the inner left.

    How big is the largest pocket on the H13?

    The largest pocket on the H13 is located on the inner left hand side which is capable of holding a full sided 9.7” iPad device. The pocket measures 28cm by 21cm (height). You can technically ‘hold’ a Macbook 12” sized device but you won’t be able to close the pocket flush.

    Can I wash the H13?

    Yes, the garment is machine washable at 30 degrees (do not tumble dry)

    Is the H13 for men or women?

    Our garments are unisex

  • How many pockets are there?


    What colours do the T5 thirts come in?

    7 colours to choose from: Black, Heather Grey, Mustard Yellow, Jester Red, Green, White and Ocean Blue.

    How many pockets have zips?

    3 pockets have colour matching zips. The 2 non zipped pockets are located on the left and right hand side for easy access (hand warmer pockets).

    What is the fabric of the T5?

    100% Premium Cotton. The fabric of the tshirt has gone through a special post production wash which gives the garment a softer & comfortable feel.

    Is there any print or mention of AYEGEAR on the outside of the garment?

    No. There is no branding on the outer side as we wouldn’t want to let people know your wearing pickpocket-proof apparel!

    Is the T5 machine washable?

    Yes. Wash at 30 degrees.

    Is the T5 for men or women?

    Our garments are unisex.

    Will you be introducing more colours?

    Depending on demand, we may introduce new colours from time to time. Please let us know which colour(s) you would like to see by emailing us at info@ayegear.com

  • What is the biggest item I can store in the HV-13?

    The two largest pockets are located on the inner left and right hand side of the vest. Both these pockets are the exact same size and can easily accommodate an iPad, Surface tablet, iPad Pro, Macbook Air 11" or Retina Macbook 12".

    When was the HV-13 announced?

    Does the HV-13 comply with legislation?

    Yes, it conforms with the EN471 class 2 safety regulations. If you would like other international safety legislation added, this can be done. Please ask when enquiring.

    What else can I carry and what types of pockets are there?

    Possibilities are endless. Our motto is simple - take everything, everywhere. 13 specialised compartments designed and labeled for:

    Tablet x2

    Smartphone live x1 (interact with your smartphone through the touch panel)

    Memory stick x1

    SD card x1

    Coins x2

    Pen x2

    Personal ID x1

    General x3

    What other features, other than pockets, does the HV-13 have?

    Retractable reel for securing keys

    Built-in battery module for charging smartphones

    Built-in torch allowing you great vision day or night

    Internal earphone routing system

    Elasticated strap for drinks bottle

    How much will the HV-13 cost?

    £49.99. We strongly recommend to purchase today if you are interested as quantities are extremely limited. If your interested in bulk purchasing for your organisation, please contact us via email at info@ayegear.com and one of our corporate representatives will get back to you within 1 working day.


Size Chart

Please choose the following product by clicking on the appropriate tab below to navigate your way around the sizing charts for each respective product. In principal, we recommend you purchase the same size you would normally buy as we have a relaxed fit style to allow for items to be added in the pockets. However, if you are looking to fill every single pocket then we would recommend getting the next size up. Do not worry about sizing, we have a relaxed returns policy. You can easily send it back for an exchange, credit note or refund (this has never happened but hey!). Some customers tend to order two sizes and simply return the unwanted size for a refund - this is perfectly fine to do so.