iPhone 5 Invites Dispatched

September 04, 2012


We so didn't expect this coming.

Its fair to say - every guy, his mother and dog wasn't aware of the September iPhone 5 launch. Apple surprises us... again. [/sarcarm].

But no really, the following is a snapshot of what Apples invitation looks like - most notably, the '5' reflection. I wonder what that stands for?

Either way, we can officially say this - iPhone 5 will be compatible with the AyeGear garments.     

The following has also been released by iPhonenuewsblog.nl - which shows the new packaging for the 'new' iPhone. Food for thought - why would the press invite show a shadowed '5' but then the packaging states 'the new iPhone'. Either way, this employee isn't going to be getting good news.

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