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  • Designed with the latest technological gadgetry in mind, the AyeGear J22 provides accessibility and security for all your electronic gadgets & more! Rugged, durable, weight balanced, wrinkle-free and extremely versatile, the J22 is ideal for the travelling professional or adventurous world traveller.
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  • Please note: this style has now been replaced with the newer AyeGear J25
  • Phone, MP3 Player, iPad or netbook, camera, headphones, charger, passport & travel documents, ID cards, keys, wallet, cash & loose change, pen, business cards, glasses, notepad, water bottle, gum, pocket map, tissues, gym kit, medication...and much more - all within easy reach
  • Hardwearing fabric with double-stitch seams, water resistant lining and high tensile zips for the ultimate in performance and durability

  • Extra panelling for a comfortable and unrestricted fit even when fully loaded

  • Get quick and easy access to all your valuables each with their own dedicated compartment

  • No more fumbling around in your pockets. Our unique design provides multi-storage compartments with Fingertip Access

  • Stay secure and stay connected. Transparent touch-sensitive pockets compatible with touchscreen smartphones

  • Dedicated secure compartment for an Apple iPad or MacBook Air 11"

  • Outer Coating material: 100% Nylon Coated Taslan

  • Inner Fabric: 100% Polyester Polar fleece for extra warmth and comfort

  • Retractable key chain

  • Machine washable


Don't offload - just unzip! Airport Scanner friendly

You don't have to take our word for it. Customers love our products "I have a lovely condition called Crohn's Disease, i have to constantly have medication on me in both tablet and liquid form. In top of this, as i cannot eat solid food (which sucks) so i have 6 - 7 drinks a day which are 200ml so get heavy, cumbersome and annoying as hell. However, instead of lugging round a bag, i got this jacket and you folks have made my day to day life so much easier and enjoyable. I would always have a bag of sorts glued to me - anxious to leave the house. But thanks to you, I have a fresh feel on life. Thank you for being awesome

 Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Dallas Mavs) on AyeGear:


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