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At the heart of the AyeGear® range is the need to adapt to the growing technology sector and to provide practical solutions to tech-savvy consumers who wish to stay connected whilst on their travels. This challenge to provide CAMS (connectivity, accessibility, mobility, and security) prompted the company to design a range of quality travel garments. AyeGear® was established in Scotland with the aim of manufacturing innovative and high quality travelling aids to meet the demands of the modern techno savvy traveller. AyeGear® has now benefitted from extensive reviews and media publicity.

Ballmaha Conic Hill Scotland

Taken from a recent trip to Conic Hill, Balmaha, Scotland

The outdoor technical market is dominated by entrenched corporations with sub-par quality, inflated prices and a lot of attitude. At AyeGear®, we took a different approach. We offer our customers a unique product that will help them save money in the long term and for them to go about their daily lives stress-free. By selling directly through our website, we are able to reduce our selling cost significantly unlike other brands who have the traditional retail setup with the endless costs associated; rent, staffing, gas/electricity etc.

Our production facility in Ningbo

 We're extremely passionate about clothing. We decided to go down to grass route levels to see how exactly our garments were made and specifically how the raw materials were sourced, processed and stitched together to create the final product. We done this for two reasons 1) so we as a brand could appreciate the efforts of the AyeGear lifecycle process 2) we knew inside-out how our garments were produced so we could educate our customers.

We offer our customers a unique product that will help them save money in the long term and for them to go about their daily lives stress-free


We've partnered up with leading production facilities to ensure we deliver the best possible workmanship, quality and service to our customers. These production facilities produce for other global brands and it allows us to tap into consistency. Our garments aren't simply all about pockets, we pride ourselves in using specialist fabrics, such as our recently imported Korean fabric for the J25 range - all technical functions as consumers and adventurers would expect in this day in age. We recognise the Corporate and Social Responsibilities we have to all stakeholders i.e. shareholders, customers, employees and local communities. We're committed to conducting business that achieves sustainable growth and fulfills all legal and moral obligations. We aim to achieve our business objectives in a responsible manner, recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities. The company has donated and will continue to contribute to the Yorkhill Childrens Foundation for sick and disabled children.




At AyeGear®, we endeavour to not only provide an excellent product for our customers but to make them part of the entire AyeGear® experience. The AyeGear® range has grown organically from one product to five products and a large part of AyeGear's success is feedback and engagement with its customers. New products revolve around what customers tell us via email, social media and trade shows. It is for this reason, AyeGear® plans to take you behind the scenes with exclusive content, showing you behind the scenes footage - the AyeGear® product life cycle (see video on right), meeting the team and seeing how they go about turning ideas into reality. We are completely open and transparent in the way we conduct our business and are always open to ideas, suggestions, criticism or general feedback. Please feel free to email us at info@ayegear.com

Size Chart

Please choose the following product by clicking on the appropriate tab below to navigate your way around the sizing charts for each respective product. In principal, we recommend you purchase the same size you would normally buy as we have a relaxed fit style to allow for items to be added in the pockets. However, if you are looking to fill every single pocket then we would recommend getting the next size up. Do not worry about sizing, we have a relaxed returns policy. You can easily send it back for an exchange, credit note or refund (this has never happened but hey!). Some customers tend to order two sizes and simply return the unwanted size for a refund - this is perfectly fine to do so.