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  • The AyeGear® J25 has 25 separate compartments designed to provide wearers with added security and accessibility to all their valuables, gadgets and travel essentials. Whether your traveling through airports [to save on baggage charges and prompt security clearance] to commuting into work to sports activities - the J25 is a true all round stunner. The AyeGear® J25 has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure the wearer feels comfortable with or without the pockets loaded. Our unique design allows for the weight of the loaded compartments to be balanced and thus eliminating the bulge.
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Unparalleled Performance

The AyeGear® J25 not only boasts great functionality but the fabrics have been upgraded for ultimate performance. We approached our supplier, who produces for some of the leading premium brands, and we insisted on, nothing but, the best materials for the AyeGear® J25. The end result was jaw-dropping. A mixture of Cotton and Nylon was chosen - also referred to as Ottoman fabric, known in the textile world for its supremacy. The zippers used in the AyeGear® J25 are of the highest standard to ensure they don't stick or feel cheap.


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At the heart of the AyeGear® J25 is the core values which we believe in - Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility & Security (CAMS). The AyeGear® J25 is suitable for both cold, with a concealed hood for rain/snow protection and waterproof lining, and hot climates - with removable sleeves and breathable lining.  

Colour: Navy
Technical specification - Shell: 67% cotton, 33% nylon (wrinkle-free fabric)




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